“Texno-Atinak” LLC was established in 2011 with a goal to bring together local expertise and modern high technologies for the implementation of infrastructural projects in the region. Within a short span of time, the company has managed to reach the proposed goal and transformed itself into one of the successful companies.


Having completed a number successful water supply projects in cities and regions throughout the country, “Texno-Atinak” LLC has completed strategic projects with unparalleled quality. Today, the company is known for the quality and durability of the projects it has carried out. The company owes its achievements partly to its implementation of the modern technical methods, technologies, efficient management and rapid execution systems.


The other crucial element of the company’s accomplishments and high-quality work has been due to its well trained and experienced workforce. Our world class international team of expert engineers and management personnel enable us to demonstrate exemplary work and solve immensely complex challenges on time with exceptional quality and professionalism. In order to operate in a fast and efficient manner, deliver the expected quality while simultaneously keeping the environment clean and safe, we accept the principle of Total Quality Management, provide maximum security measures to ensure worker safety, and distinguish ourselves by constantly upgrading our technical inventory with the most modern and latest equipment.


As necessities and challenges become more complex each day due to the constantly evolving world, our mission is to provide the best working solutions by continuously advancing the company’s design and construction methodologies and capabilities in civil engineering and infrastructure construction.


“Texno-Atinak” LLC specializes in the following areas:


  • Construction of water supply network and sewerage lines in the cities and regions
  • Construction of magistral water pipelines
  • Construction of water and sewerage pumping stations
  • Construction of water reservoirs
  • Construction of discharge pipelines to the sea
  • Construction of drinkable water cleaning and chlorination stations
  • Provision of technical services (installations of water meters, HVAC, 
) in residential areas
  • Installation of automated systems such as SCADA
  • Installation of equipment for pumping stations, water tanks, ventilation chambers, and other mechanical sub-components (collector, valve, air safety valve, closing valves, pressure gauge and other special equipment)


As a strong and reliable partner we make important contribution to the economy of the country being responsible towards society and the environment for offered services, constantly develop and strive to become a leader in the area we operate, and provide customers with products and services that meet their expectations.